Tuesday, 30 November 2010

WW2 Defence of Malaya by Malaya Command

A Punjab Regiment em-busing on a train to the defend the North of Malaya ( source: life)

7th Dec 1941, Malaya Command had General Heath's Indian III Corps responsible for the defence of Malaya North of Johore, Malacca and Penang. 11th Indian Division was deployed in the North East of Malaya. The Division was on alert to move into Singora and Patani as part of Operation Matador- a forward defence move to preempt landings by the Japanese in Siam in Singora and Patani.

The 9th Indian Division was deployed in the North East, to defend the possible Japanese landings on the beaches before Kota Bahru. Each Division has 2 brigades - comprising 1 British and 2 Indian Regiments. The 28th Indian Brigade, comprising 3 Gurkha Regiments was General Heath's Reserve.

The 8th Australian Division, comprised of 2 Australian Brigades, together with Johore State Forces, defended Johore and Malacca.

Defence of Singapore was the responsibility of Singapore Fortress Troops. The 12th Indian Brigade was General Percival's (GOC Malaya Command) reserve, based in Port Dickson.

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