Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pill Boxes & Bunkers in Singapore, Penang & Malaya(Malaysia) Series No. 2

Naval Design Pill Box Type 1, 1937/38 located in Pasir Panjang, Singapore. This type 1 is similar to the ones located in Penang ( series 1) and the Kota Tinggi Defence line. See below, frontal and back view of the pillbox

Naval Pillbox Type 2 1937/38 located at the coast of Labrador Park in Singapore. This type of pill boxes were located mainly on the coasts south of Singapore ( in Changi, Pasir Panjang and the Island of Sentosa). They can also can be located in Penang, along the coasts covering the Bayan Lepas Airbase.

The tower in the middle would have been installed with the range finder, as a Forward Observation Post for ranging Artillery/Guns against the invading vessels. Note the ventilation housing at the left of the structure. The flanks of the pill box, where the machine guns slots were, have been sealed.

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