Thursday, 2 December 2010

1941 Force Z Naval Fleet to Singapore Naval Base at Sembawang

The battle cruiser, HMS Repulse - taken in Haifa July 1938 ( Library of Congress)

The Flag ship of Naval Fleet Force Z, battleship HMS Prince of Wales coming to moor in Singapore December 1941( IWM Collections)

Below: The Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral Tom Philips ( Right) and his deputy, Rear Admiral Palliser ( Left) receiving the arrival of the capital ships into Singapore, Sembawang Naval Base. ( IWM Collections)

Commander in Chief, China Fleet 1940, Admiral Sir Geoffery Layton - handed over command to Admiral Phillips upon arrival of Force Z. With him ( right) was General Keith Simmons, Commander of Singapore Fortress - Garrison Troops ( Life)

2nd Dec 1941, the arrival of battleship, HMS Prince of Wales and the battle cruiser, HMS Repulse. Together with their escort destroyers, HMS Electra, HMS Express, HMS Tenedos and HMAS Vampire, formed the Force Z Naval fleet. This created a "completeness" of all British arms and their commonwealth allies ie the Navy, the Air Force and the Army in the defence of Fortress Singapore and Malaya of an eventual attack by Japanese forces.

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