Monday, 6 December 2010

1941 Operation Matador - Forward Defence of North Malaya in Thailand

Indian Infantry Regiments on "ready" to march into Thailand? ( actually they were training in Singapore, November 1941 - source : Life)

The proposed "Operation Matador" was planned in conference with Far East Command & Malaya Command in anticipation of the Imperial Japanese Army seizing the port of Singora in Thailand (on the east Coast of the Kra Isthmus which was large enough to land a sizable attacking force)

A British force of 3 Brigade Groups, supported by 6 air force squadrons would be sufficient to hold the Singora area against possible attacks by IJA forces of 1 Division from the North, advancing from Bangkok and 2 IJA Divisions landing from the sea.

Chief of Staff informed Brook-Popham, however, that there will be no reinforcements for "Operation Matador" and there will be no advancement of British Troops into Thailand before the Japanese invade it. He will have to use his forces on hand to effect the operations.

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