Wednesday, 8 December 2010

1941 December Royal Artillery & Indian Artillery UNits in Malaya and Singapore

25pdr guns with their quad tractors & ammo lumbers embarked at Keppel Harbour, Singapore November 1941 - enroute to Northern Malaya via rail. (source:life)

The list is not complete as I have difficulty tracing some batteries composition that have been attached, detached from their Field Regiments. Your inouts are most welcome - TOM

Dec 1941 Artillery Units in Malaya

11th Indian Division

137th ( 2nd West Lancashire) Field Regiment (G Holmes) – attached to 15th Indian Brigade 24 x 25pdrs

- 349th Battery 8 x 25pdr

- 350th Battery “

- 501st Battery “

155th (Lanarkshire Yeomary) Field Regiment 16 x 4.5 inch howitzers (A Murdoch) – moved to Malaya Oct 1940 from Kirkee, India

- A Battery (Gold) – stayed in India to form 160th Field Regiment

- B Battery (Wilson)

- C Battery (?) 8x25pdr/8x4.5 howitzer

80th Anti Tank Regiment (Napier)

- 2nd Battery (Clegg) 12x2 pdr antitank(40mm Vickers A/T)

- 215th Battery (Steward) 12x40mm Vickers A/T

- 272nd Battery 2 pdrs

- 273rd Battery (Gairdow) 14x40mm Vickers A/T minus 01 troop Vickers 40mm A/Tx2 attached to KROHCOL

85th Anti Tank Regiemnt ( 36x 2pdrs)

- 45th Battery

- 251st Battery

- 270th Battery

- 281st Battery

6th Indian Brigade

22nd Mountain Regiment (Huges)- 24x3.7inch Howitzers

- 4th Battery (Sawyer)

- 7th Battery (Scott)

- 10th Battery (Gowie)- attached to KrohCol

- 21st Battery ( Soper) – attached to8th Indian Brigade

28th Indian Brigade

Attached, 88th Field Regiment, from 9th Division

16th Anti-Aircraft Battery (Ivers) – 8x40mm Bofors

12th Indian Brigade

122nd ( West Riding) Field Regiment (Clegg)

- 278th Battery 12x4.5inch Howitzer

- 280th Battery 12 x 4.5inch Howitzer


Attached, 10th Mountain Battery (Gowie) – 8x3.7inch Howitzers, from 22nd Mountain Regiment, 6th Indian Brigade

Attached, 01 Troop (2xVickers 40mm A/T) from 273rd Battery, 80th Antitank Regiment, 11th Indian Division

9th Indian Division

5th Field Regiment - Jephson( from Rawalpindi & Nowshera, India 1939-1941) 16 x 4.5 inch howitzers

- 63rd Battery,

- 73rd Battery

- 81st Battery

88th (2nd West Lancashire ) Field Regiment (D’Aubuz) – attached to 28th Indian (Gurkha) Brigade (Indian III Corps Reserve)

- 351st Battery(Cornish)

- A)Troop 4x25pdr

- B)Troop 4x25pdr

- 352st Battery (Ford) 8x25pdr

- 464th Battery 8 x 25pdr


  1. I have the same photos in oolour. They have red/blue/white vehicle signs.

  2. I'm trying to trace my Uncle's Battery . Gnr G W Burroughs of 80th A/T Regt. Royal Artillery. He survived Changi only to die of Pneumonia on his way home..Can you give me some leads ..Thanks George Burroughs (i was named after him)

  3. Re: 45th, 251st, 270th, 281st batteries form 85th Anti Tank Regiment
    I believe the 85th was formed on September 22, 1941. I didn't document where I got this information. Where would I look to confirm this?